[Video] Land Rover Gets Exactly What It Deserves: Shot By A Tank

In this video, we see a third-generation Land Rover Discovery get exactly what’s coming to it: a 105mm round fired straight from a tank.
Elsewhere in the world, Land Rovers are renowned for their ruggedness, reliability, and ability to get through any terrain unscathed. Here in North America, things are a little different. Consumer Reports has them listed as one of the least reliable brands in America from their 2018 report, and we don’t expect that to improve in 2019.
This Land Rover, in particular, is a third-gen Discovery marketed as the LR3 in the US. It’s powered by a 4.0-L V6 with only 216 hp. Or it was--according to the boys at FullMag, this Discovery was “on its last legs” and wouldn’t pass emissions testing, so it was donated to them to do with as they pleased.
And what they pleased was to drive it out into the Nevada desert for one last grand finale.
On the other side of the reliability spectrum is the M60A3 main battle tank. Renowned by military technicians for its simplicity and serviceability, the M60 is still around in military forces around the world. Under the hood (or armor, in this case) is a 29.3-L Continental twin-turbo V12 diesel engine that produces 750 hp. Top speed is a stately 30 mph.



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